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Fiction Listings

This is a list of my fan fiction, so I could find it faster. I hope you enjoy it as well. If anything sparks a thought in you, kindly provide constructive feedback. Unless warnings indicate explicit, stories are safe for work.

My Fan FictionCollapse )

Still on the fritz

Yeah, so, I'm still mostly out of commission waiting for my desktop to be repaired/upgraded - it's a work in progress - not! At least, the parts have been ordered and should be installed this weekend. That might be a lot of supposing on my part.

So the public library has become a second home today to catch up on email and general Internet hanging around.

Those of you in sgu_challenge, I apologise for my lack of participation lately. My brain cells happen to be firing on all cylinders at the moment, I just need my desktop back to make these ideas come to fruition.

I did say I was hanging around - so here's some stuff to peruse. Check out kericide for her artwork in progress. Give her some advise regarding her Rush and Young artwork. sacredclay is archiving her and other people's artwork on her LJ. She also keeps track of her favorite fan fiction writers as well. cleanwhiteroom has another chapter (36) up on FF.net of Mathematique.

Hmm, library is closing soon, so I must perambulate.
Title: Sanity in the Green Places
Author: kimmy4eytj
Rating: G = K
Content Flags: none
Spoilers: The Hunt S2E16
Character Note: Everett Young, Dale Volker, Nicholas Rush
Pairing: Young/TJ, implied TJ/Varro
Word Count: 1935
Summary: “Sanity protector. Got to come up with something better than that.”
Author's Notes: Written for the March 2013 challenge "Something in the way of green" at stargatecountry. If you are moved to leave a comment, please leave it at my LJ. Thanks.

Sanity in the Green PlacesCollapse )

On the Fritz

Two weeks ago, ye olde desktop decided it didn't want to cooperate with me anymore and won't let me log on. Bit of a bummer that as I had reminded myself not too many days prior to start backing up my files. Premonition maybe?

Any who, I'm waiting for the computer repair man to get some open time slots to take a look at my baby.

People keep telling me, why upgrade your dino desktop - go with a laptop. I have an old, OLD, ancient laptop that I'm using now to type this, and don't particularly care for the sensitivity of the base. Too much pressure and it moves the cursor to Siberia. Then I have to send out search parties to find it again. This laptop heats up so fast, sending the hard disk to whirring at a furious pace that I wonder when it will succumb to heat stroke.

I think I'd rather have a smartphone again than lug around a laptop, although one of those netbook thingies, really light, and have a laptop keyboard might not be too bad. But then you have to have a data plan to access the internet unless you're at a free WiFi location. Back to a smartphone.

And then there's the security issue. I don't often go any place with an express interest in surfing the internet. Except maybe work, where we can't use our computers for anything non business related. Back to a smartphone.

Why does this sound like I'm talking myself into upgrading to a smartphone?

Meanwhile, I plug away on the laptop. Did I mention it's really OLD?

Writing - I actually did some this weekend. Of course, I didn't back up my WIP folder before the misunderstanding with my desktop, so the stories I need to be working on are languishing in limboland. Or maybe they went to Tahiti?

Work is still engaging my interest. Lots of certification classes upcoming. Messes with the sleep schedule when you work nights and have to be in a class for 2 days at 8am. That's gonna be ... fun.

Did I win the lottery this weekend? Hmm, I must have missed that.

I recently watched all of Terra Nova. It really started to get interesting at the end. Too bad - another series given the heave ho before it's time. Has anyone noticed the revenge factor on a lot of series lately. Hollywood truly does steal from each other and original ideas are few and far between. I'd like to catch that new show on FX, Americans; good old fashioned COLD WAR tension. Almost makes me nostalgic for the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall.

I adore Big Bang Theory. I started watching the first season just before my desktop hiccoughed - OMG those nerds are wonderful. Totally enjoy Elementary. Love Lucy Lui as Watson and Johnny Lee Miller is fantastic as Sherlock. RDJr's Sherlock is written with his humor and mannerisms and it's done perfectly. I enjoy those movies - Jude Law's Watson is great for that combination RDJr's Sherlock. Cumberbatch and Martin - I like Martin as Watson. Cumberbatch takes some time for me to get used to. Still haven't seen the 2nd season yet. I hear it is riveting.

Does anyone watch Grimm? I can't wait to catch up with it once I get my desktop back.

Reading space operas right now. And Apocalypse books. Still reading How to books about fiction writing. There is no secret recipe for writing. You've got to have vocabulary and grammar and I've always been deficient in those areas. I live with my Thesaurus but remembering that I am my father's daughter - spell checkers are greatly challenged by us.

Listening to the audiobook of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book, Team of Rivals. Fantastic book on Lincoln and his political acumen. Brilliant strategist.

Looking forward to a good movie soon? When will that be? When Star Trek comes out? I won't wait too long to see Olympus Has Fallen. Gerard Butler. Need I say more?

Louis Ferreira coming to the small screen with MOTIVE on ABC this summer. And he's in Rookie Blue for a few episodes as well as SPACE Channel's recently cancelled Primeval New World. Check Louis out. He's cuddly cute and has a terrific smile. Gosh, I really miss SGU.

Miss you, Ma

You've been gone from this earth for twenty years now and I miss you every day.

Today, you are seventy. I can't imagine how you would look at this age since you were taken so young. Maybe something a little like Grandma.

Today, I remember your laughter and infectious smile.

Know that you are never far from my mind.

I was thinking of Camp Chanyattah just the other day and how special that place was for us all.

Happy Birthday, MA.

Love you.

Yeah, so I was gonna ...

... otherwise known as procrastination.

I was gonna write an entry on the day I turned fifty and just didn't get around to it. I'm certain there was a nap that day that messed me up. Memory loss ... possibly. I'm well-aged now. If I were whiskey, I might be halfway decent.

I was gonna write an entry to commemorate the day of doom. You remember. The Mayan Calendar debacle: 12-21-2012 and darn but the apocalypse got me and I missed it. I must have been napping again.

I was gonna write an entry for the end of the year, but decided to punish by butt in a movie theater chair for 3 hours to watch The Hobbit. Fun movie, slow in spots, at times like a video game - I ask how long can you be chased by trolls in their mine? Really? And I am looking forward to the next installment. MAybe I'll bring a butt pillow next time.

I was gonna dig out my snow shovel and ice scraper for the car, but we've only had, maybe, 7 inches all season, so it didn't seem worth it. It's been bloody cold enough to keep that snow on the ground since before doomsday, so I definitely dug out by ear muffs.

I was gonna write more entries this year. I'm striving for one a month. And I might even get some more fan fiction completed but I really shouldn't count those as posting an entry.

I was gonna do housework, but got waylaid by some good books. Oh, and there's my cat, Bailey. She has ways of making me forget I was gonna do a lot of things. Am I blaming my cat for leading me down the path of sloven living? You betcha!

Hmm, what to say

I'm not one to bare my soul on this thing, so I rarely know what to say. I don't have facebook or twitter or any of those other social media thingies. Everything is a thingie with me. I figure I'm only writing this to have a placeholder for November 2012.

I'm looking forward to seeing season 3 of Downton Abbey. I guess I'm what's called an Anglophile? Britophile? love most things British/Scottish/Irish - mainly UK-ish. I watch a lot of British comedies, and crime dramas. I'm currently watching my way through original Primeval to get ready for Primeval:New World premiere in US. Too bad it's on the channel that shall not be named.

What great fare they have for us next Saturday night - DragonWasps .... come on, REALLY!

Just recently read the first four books of Elly Griffith's - Ruth Galloway Mysteries. I enjoyed them very much. Her main characters are well fleshed out and have enough personality and foibles to seem real. Her use of description and setting are masterful. That 3rd book (The House at Sea's End) was a good puzzle.

I've run through my recent purchases of Brad Thor and Vince Flynn and am plunging into James Rollins again - some of his older stuff that I've had on my shelves but not read yet. Jeremy Robinson is in the car for times when I need a read and am stuck somewhere. Mark Shepard's "Kris Longknife" series is waiting along with Jack Campbell's "Black Jack Geary's Lost Fleet" books are pulling at me too.

I've even picked up a Star Trek: TNG set of books by David Mack - the Destiny series. OMGosh, If only Gene Roddenberry had allowed his characters to live and breath like they do in this book - those series would have been outstanding and not merely entertaining in a frustrated sort of way. I love Patrick Stewart, he's a terrific actor. However, that man was rarely given enough to work with to move his character in a large fashion on TNG. Deep Space Nine was the only modern Star Trek that had real consequences for it's characters. It was the best written of (not the 2nd season) the five incarnations.

And still I live and breath SGU. I can't get that show out of my head and right now I don't want to. It's not perfect - nothing can ever be that, but it speaks to me on so many levels. It brought Louis Ferreira to the forefront for me, even though I had seen him in other things and not realized it, SGU sung him into my mind and soul.

It's curious that I'm defining my life in terms of entertainment. Books and tv shows. Is that sad? I have a cat, I can't be all bad. And as I said, I don't spew forth on the internet - I guess I'm old fashioned that way. Only two and a half weeks until I cross over into that next great demographic group ... advertiser's won't care what I think then.

Night thoughts

So, since I'm now have a night shift rotation, I find myself having to stay up overnight even on those days when I don't have to work. My friends are finding it odd that I'm staying up all night on my off days. I don't want to get my body too confused about when to be awake.

I find it more difficult to last past 3:30 am on my off days unless I have something to keep me occupied. Else the head goes thunk on the desk. And I don't dare sit in my "chair." I'd be out like a light.

I do like working the night shift. I'm not a morning person. So far I've been busy enough at work that I haven't felt strange - it just feels like a normal day, just at night.

So I'm doing laundry today - my day, while most of you lot sleep through my day. Now if only I can convince my mind that I can still write during my "day" that would be a good thing.

About Time I Say Something About Stress

Stress is over. And it isn't.

Instead, I have new stress. And different levels of stress.

There is a general stress of day to day life. Should I clean the kitchen, do laundry, vacuum the carpet, play with the cat kind of stress.

Then there is work stress. I am very happy to have this problem. After almost 14 months without a job, I am very mellow at work, riding the waves of whatever gets thrown my way. I am extremely happy to have work; it challenges me and I enjoy that battle.

And speaking of work; I advanced out of training and am now "on my own" which is its own form of stress. 12 hour shifts with no lunch, just 15 minute breaks every two hours if you can get them. I moved from the A shift to C shift, which is day verses night - literally. "A" shift works 0530 to 1730 and that was my training schedule. I HATED waking up at 0330 in the morning. Brutal to my functionality. "C" shift is 1730 to 0530 the next morning. I LOVE it. I am sooooo NOT a morning person.

Then there is recreational stress. Things like can I finish writing this story before the Big!Bang is due? So far I haven't made it for any Bangs that I've signed up for. Where does time go? Why can't I write faster, better, longer, brilliantly spitting plots out of my fingers like a Cray computer on speed? And when will I have time to listen to my audiobooks, watch TV or movies, go for a walk, read all my books, visit friends?

Why did life speed up during eighth grade? I think that's when stress and time started for me. My best friend and her family were moving out of town at the end of that school year. We both felt that weight of separation, of time slipping by us. And isn't that all stress is? The loss of time to do the things we need or want to do? A loss of control.

So now that I've finished this post, my stress over time is over.

Until the next time.

Time Slips Away

It's been some time since I last made a journal entry that wasn't a fiction listing, so I thought I would update. Hey, I found a job. I know, it only took 14 months, and I can't say it was persistence that won the day.

It was pure-d luck that found this position. No grand scheme, just plain old desperation.

The new job is completely outside of my usual comfort zone, although it does tweak several of my interests; geography, helping others, intensity and challenging. I don't think I've had to think this hard since taking chemistry, physics and algebra.

Twelve hour shifts on a rotating two week cycle and like I mentioned, incredibly intense. By the end of the day, you go home wiped out, have enough time to eat something, shower and go to bed with a hope that you can go to sleep without the brain replaying everything that just happened. It's weird going to bed before the sun goes down (9pm) and getting up (3:30am) before the sun comes up. I am totally NOT a morning person.

During the drive to work, I get a spectacular view of the morning stars and planets as they hang above my head and guide me to the East. I once caught the quarter moon bright in the black sky, with Jupiter, Mars and Venus all forming an odd shaped diamond cluster. It was totally cool!

My participation level in LJ comms has gone down as my training session has progressed. I've got several stories in the works where I hear a siren call of want and so little time to satisfy their desires. And mine as well. During my breaks, I find myself visualizing scenes in my head if only to take my mind away from the daily intensity level needed on the floor. My own relaxation sessions with the characters I love from SGU.

I should be finished with training in August and assuming that I get signed off as qualified to perform this job without assistance, I will like as not be moved to the night shift. I'm just happy to have a decent job that moving to nights won't bother me too much. I'm a much better night owl than an early morning Miss Sunshine.

So that's what is happening for me.


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